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How To Choose Roman Shades For Your Windows

Want a window covering that won't be tacky old news next year? Try Roman shades! They're a timeless, beautiful option to cover your windows and add understated glamour to your space.

I know what you're thinking - "Really? Roman shades like those fancy-pants homes had back in the day?" And it's true - a decade ago, Roman shades were used in more formal spaces with billows of fabric with fancy trims, but the current styles are much simpler and can really add a nice polished look to a space.

5 Things to Consider When Selecting Roman Shades

There are so different styles within the roman shade classification that it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right one for your room. There are flat roman shades (sometimes called classic), hobbled, relaxed, londons, knife pleat, ribbed pleat, and balloon shades. There are so many different fabric choices to consider, too. Don't worry, though - we can help!

5 Things to Consider When Selecting Roman Shades

Do you want fancy or simple?

This is basically what style of roman shade would work best such for you. Flat or classic is great for a more casual look. If the fabric is plain, you can always add a simple band or trim to give a little oomph if that’s the look you are after. Also, inverted pleated shades or ribbed pleats are great if your romans are down more than they are up. This adds a little interest so it doesn’t look like a flat sheet of fabric when all the way down. A London style of shade is classy, but interesting with a slight bow at the bottom. If you are looking for a more fancy look, you'll want balloon shades or Austrian romans.

5 Things to Consider When Selecting Roman Shades

Focal point or no focal point?

This is important - the fabric selection for your shades can drive the direction of your entire room. If you have a large print with lots of color, then you can repeat those colors in your space with an area rug, pillows, etc. Or maybe your room has a lot going on already - you can to add a simpler fabric with a color similar to your wall color. (Designer Pro Tip! Sometimes I use a fabric one shade darker than the paint when I just want the romans to enhance but not be the first thing you see.) On the other hand, in a plain or simple kitchen, a pop of color or beautiful fabric design can give your space some pizazz.

Lined, what type, or not lined, that is the question?

Most roman shades need to be lined, but there are many different types of lining such as satin, bump, blackout, and more. Some sheers you will not want to have lined so you can see through the fabric to your view. This is when you don’t need any privacy. Then there are linings that are lightweight that can let in a little sunlight, too. When you don’t want to see an ugly fence or when your house faces the street, you’ll want to use a nice satin or something similar to block the view and give you privacy.

If you are a light sleeper or work nights, you will want a full blackout lining. Live in extreme weather areas, such as freezing temperatures? Try using an interlining for keeping the elements out. (Note: check your HOA's CC&R rules before you buy - you many only be able to use certain colors of lining such as ivory or khaki.)

To valance or not to valance?

The shades mechanism that makes the shade go up and down is a long horizontal metal tube looking thing. If this mechanism is in the back, then sometimes it can be seen from the other side of the window, which doesn’t look good. You can add a back valance to hide it. If the mechanism is in the front, usually a front valance comes with it. If you're adding a custom cornice box to your window, you may not want a front valance either. Consider this element carefully!

Figure out the most practical way for you to raise and lower the shades. There are continuous cords (which is one cord that is looped that act as a pulley system), or cord lock (which is the traditional cords that you pull left, then right to lock the cord). There are cordless options and even motorization where you can raise the shade with a remote. If you are doing new construction, you may be able to hardwire into your wall, so your shade can be controlled on a switch.

Roman shades are a beautiful option to cover your windows. They can truly be custom and set the tone for any space.

There are lots of options as you can see and it can seem a little daunting to figure out which would be best for your home. If this is a something you need a professional for, we at FaGalde Interior Design are certified Window Fashions experts. Best of all? We're only a phone call away at 916-221-8752.

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