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Feb 22

Get Control, Add a Tray!

Posted by Jennifer FaGalde on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

         In the last decade as an Interior Designer, I've run into the same problem with many of my client’s coffee tables - too many remote controls. They need them for their TVs, speakers, Wii’s, ceiling fans, game controllers, etc. They're often laying on the coffee table, side tables or surrounding the room. All these devices are convenient so you don’t have to move from your sofa or your favorite chair, but they’re not pleasing to the eye.  Read more…

Jan 11

Five Steps to Freshen up an Important Space in your home this year for 2017 - The Master Bedroom!

Posted by Jennifer FaGalde on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Now that the winter months are here, many people are spending more time indoors. Consider making your bedroom an inviting and cozy space in your home this year. Many of my clients haven’t made the master bedroom a high priority even though it’s a room that is used daily. Clients have shared with me how it really bothers them to see this room unfinished and not pulled together. Below are some easy ways to make an impact.

Install wallpaper on the master headboard wall.
wallpaper in master bedroom
Consider doing an amazing grass cloth, textured or large scaled wallpaper. I’ve done this several times with clients over the last couple years and they always love the visual impression it makes. Grass cloth is still so hot right now and are coming in so many colors and even metallic tones. Large scaled prints are popular, too and creates instant art and a beautiful focal point. It usually only takes a day to have a professional wallpaper hanger install your chosen paper. Not ready to hire a professional? Another option is a product called Surestrip by York Wallcoverings. This product is easy for a nonprofessional to install and remove themselves.

Change out that headboard.

Upholstered headboards are a great way to mix up that “matchy” wood set you have. Upholstered headboards come in many designs, such as a simple rectangular look for a more contemporary feel, scalloped for a more traditional fee, button tufted, with nail heads and more. You can have a custom shape made with pretty much any fabric on this planet, semi-custom headboard with a select few fabrics to choose from (this costs less than custom), or purchase a ready-made one. Don’t forget - this headboard fabric needs to compliment your wallcovering.

Switch out lighting.
light in bedroom
Change out those table lamps. Add some color, shine or texture with a new set of lamps for your end tables. Select a lamp with a decent height for visual impact but is also practical for reading of course. Lamps are like jewelry to your room. It adds that little special finish element. Also, get rid of any tired old fashioned fans. If you absolutely need a fan to sleep with, look at some of the more contemporary or transitional looking fans with less blades such as three verses five. The fan should not take over the bedroom aesthetically. Another common mistake I see with ceiling fans is that they are too big for the room. There are general guide lines to follow for the fan size verses the size of a room. If you can part with a fan, add a beautiful chandelier above your bed instead. Now that’s a beautiful statement!

Add a faux fur bench to the end of your bed.
fur bench
One long bench or two small matching benches adds a nice layering effect and is practical at the same time. It’s useful to use when putting on slippers, shoes or throwing a robe on, etc. If faux fur isn’t your thing, then a nice fabric one is great also. Faux fur just adds an element of texture. I did a semi-custom bench recently and the fabric by Fabricut was called Polar Fur. Not only gorgeous, but looked so cozy! My client loved it! In a different client’s guest room, I added ready make twin small bench that made a nice finishing touch.

Don’t forget adding that cozy throw.

Instead of using an old blanket that doesn’t match from the closet to layer on top for those cold winter nights, invest in a nice new warm cozy one. This blanket can either add a pop of color or coordinate with your bedding or throw pillows. If you have tired throw pillows, change out those as well.

Now just visualize how dreamy your master bedroom will be to walk into every day! Once you’ve added that wallpaper, new headboard, switched out lighting, added a new bench, and a warm cozy blanket. You did it! A well-designed master bedroom comes into fruition without starting from scratch. I love seeing my client’s faces light up with joy and now yours can too. It’s a new year so just make it happen! If you need our assistance to tackle this project, we are here to help.   Read more…

Feb 15

Las Vegas Market Highlights Winter 2014

Posted by Jennifer FaGalde on Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Las Vegas Market is twice a year and is held at a 5,000,000 square foot showcase of furnishings. That is a lot of ground to cover, so that’s why I pull out the old comfortable walking shoes and leave the cute designer ones back home! It’s a week-long trade show, though I choose to go for 2 days and see some of my favorite vendors and visit a few new ones too. This is only open to the trade twice a year for Winter and Summer. It’s a great place for designers to get inspiration, look for products for clients and take mental notes of furnishings for upcoming projects. The trade show is full of enthusiasm with people and products for everyone. I compare it to going to Disneyland for those first time visitors. Many showrooms provide lunches, appetizers, and cocktails to keep people in their showrooms and it works for me!  Read more…