Jennifer FaGalde Interior DesignerInterior Designer Jennifer FaGalde

Jennifer FaGalde, owner of FaGalde Interior Design, began learning her creativity at a very young age. “My mother was extremely gifted in many creative realms from sewing, cake decorating, flower arranging, drawing, painting, etc. I grew up observing and practicing many of these facets.” As a teenager, Jennifer started her career around fashion by working for a small clothing retail store then moving toward other well known large companies, where she received numerous unexpected awards for her excellent customer service and ability. Jennifer learned the hands on skills of merchandising, working with colors, fabrics, and accessorizing and then later realized her true calling of interior design.

Her formal credentials consist of a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Communications and an Associate Degree in Interior Design. She is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and National Kitchen and Bath Association. Also, Jennifer is a specialist of the Window Fashions Certified Professionals Program. She regularly attends continued educational seminars to stay abreast in the field of design, not only to keep up her status with the associations, but because she loves to continue learning and has a passion for her field.

Jennifer’s background of fashion, color, communication, and customer service as well as her formal education and training has made the perfect backdrop to her interior design business and philosophy. “I love helping people achieve their goals.” One of her favorite quotes is “Your environment shapes the way you feel and interact with the rest of the world.” “I truly believe that what is around you sets the mood of your life in a positive or negative way.” Jennifer’s goal is to improve people’s lives by improving their environments.

Interior Design Memberships and Certifications

  • Allied Member, American Society of Interior Designers
  • Member of, National Kitchen and Bath Association
  • Specialist of, Window Fashions Certified Professional Program
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