2021 Top Interior Design Influencer

2021 Top Interior Design Influencer

January 25, 2021

The annual Top 200 Interior Design Influencers, presented by Fixr, is an exclusive list that recognizes excellence and innovation in the design industry. Fixr employs a rigorous methodology to assemble this authoritative compilation of design visionaries, based on subject matter expertise, social media and press engagement, and overall influence and authority in the industry. Fixr’s methodology analyzes each influencer’s online presence, awards and recognition received, and overall industry contributions.

The list includes experts in interior design and other related fields. “Inclusion in this list is a testament to the professional achievements of each influencer,” said Cristina Miguélez, industry analyst at Fixr. “In the always-evolving field of interior design, these influencers serve as thought leaders and their efforts deserve recognition.”

By earning a spot on this list, Fixr confirms that FaGalde Interior Design has shown continued creativity and exceptional innovation in interior design, and FaGalde Interior Design’s professional efforts have advanced the field and shaped industry trends going forward into 2021.

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For the complete list of the Top 200 Home Design Influencers, visit https://www.fixr.com/blog/2021/01/21/top-influencers-interior-design-2021/

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