If you’re like most people, you probably feel like you live in someone else's home.

You may even be living in an environment that doesn't reflect your tastes and style.

More than likely, most of your home's design choices were made before you—long before you ever moved in. Builders, architects, and previous occupants made choices that were out of your control.

Now you've got to live with those choices—each and every day. You may have arranged your furniture, added some plants and pictures, but very little of your home's interior actually reflects your personal desires and preferences. You're probably not consciously be aware of this. in fact, most homeowners just get used to it. After all, everyone has many other things to worry about every day.

However, your subconscious mind absolutely notices.

On the contrary, maybe you're looking to design the entire interior of a newly constructed home from the ground up, but you've got no idea where to start.

If your home is not designed properly, details like layout, texture, color, and lighting will eat at the back of your mind and you'll feel like a permanent visitor in your own home.

I've seen the same challenges with many of my previous clients, but we always succeed in designing and creating an environment custom tailored to their unique desires.

Interior Designer Granite Bay - Jennifer FaGaldeOpen Communication Leads to Successful Design

With a Bachelors in Organizational Communications and an Associates in Interior Design, I've spent years helping my clients transform their current house into a home and bringing life to newly constructed homes.

However, this transformation isn’t automatic.

Long before any changes or decisions are made, I sit down with each client to better understand their desires—a process that involves asking guided questions and carefully listening to each responses:

  • These consultations can sometimes reveal a certain nostalgia for their childhood homes. They may want an interior space that recaptures those happy memories from their childhood.
  • Other times, though, it's just the opposite. One of my past clients grew up in a home where the “blue dining room” was totally off limits. He still has negative associations with that color to this day, but it was only through the initial consultation that we were able to discover those feelings.
  • Other times, I find clients wanting an innovative mix of exciting interiors that reflect their interests, hobbies, or aspirations.

I can’t stress how important this analysis is.

In some cases, an interior designer will develop a list of suggestions before ever meeting you. And they lean on the weight of their creative experience to impress.

What sets FaGalde Interior Design apart is the time we devote to understand your experience. Everyone comes from different walks of life, but it’s your personal story that ultimately matters.

Not someone else’s.

Bring Your Dream Home to Life

It doesn't matter if you're building a new home or if you've lived in your house for 20 years...

Your home is a blank canvas just waiting for you to place your personal mark on it.

FaGalde Interior Design can assist you in designing your ideal environment by:

    Kitchen Interior Design - Granite Bay CA
  • Selecting furnishings for your entire home, or just a single room.
  • Design from the ground up for a remodel, or completely new construction.
  • Remodel your bathroom with all tile,lighting, plumbing fixtures, hardware, and cabinetry selections.
  • Update your kitchen.
  • Space planning and furniture floor plans.
  • Wallpaper, lighting, floor covering, and area rug selection.
  • Custom bedding, drapery, pillows, and floral arrangements.

It will truly be your home by the time we're finished.

We will work with you to discover your likes and dislikes in order to design the perfect living environment for you. This process is about you—Most clients can’t believe that such a transformation is even possible.

But I assure you that it is.

See for yourself.

Request a consultation with us today

You’ll be amazed at the results...