Las Vegas Winter Market

Las Vegas Winter Market

Green interior design ideasLast month was the Las Vegas Winter Market - the biggest trade show in the West for furniture, lighting, décor and more. As a designer, I like to stay abreast of what’s coming in and what’s going out. After all, my clients hire me for my expertise, so it’s important for me to stay ahead of the curve.

Here are some of the new trends I saw at market.


Think nutrients, plants, herbs, nourishment. With the health consciousness on the rise for many people these days, I can see why this earthy, lush palette has come into popularity. As you may know, greens and blues are the most calming colors to design with. Blues have been present at market for the last couple of years, but green is everywhere this season. We need these calm colors to unwind us from all the technology inundating our lives right now. So think Hawaiian rain forest or lush garden. Vases, plates, accent furniture pieces, artwork, light fixtures, table tops, etc. were showing a lot of these beautiful greens.

Heights in interior designHeights to New Levels

The eye keeps going up and up! Visual heights with headboards, textured collages, artwork, table lamps, and more. It’s almost going against the interior design “scale” principles that I learned in school, but it somehow works and really makes a focal point. Less is not more with these statement pieces.

How Gold Can you Go! Though Pairing it with Black and White Combos

If you want a regal or formal look, this might be the perfect trend for you. The showrooms were showing this with a combination of mirrors, lamps, furniture, rugs, and tables. It’s really a “gold” mine out there - this trend was repeating in almost every showroom.

Gold interior design ideasGold has been making an appearance for the last few seasons at market, but adding the black and white makes a new bold point. Several furniture pieces were showing white natural stone tops and gold legs or pedestals with gold fixtures against a black wall or black chairs.

Hopefully, you're as inspired as I am to make some bold changes to your spaces. Add some green, incorporate some gold with white or black, and add some visual interest to a wall. Love these ideas, but need help integrating them into your own home? Contact us to get started!




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