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Feb 22

Get Control, Add a Tray!

Posted by Jennifer FaGalde on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Get Control, Add a Tray!

         In the last decade as an Interior Designer, I've run into the same problem with many of my client’s coffee tables - too many remote controls. They need them for their TVs, speakers, Wii’s, ceiling fans, game controllers, etc. They're often laying on the coffee table, side tables or surrounding the room. All these devices are convenient so you don’t have to move from your sofa or your favorite chair, but they’re not pleasing to the eye.

Want the easiest fix to this design eyesore? I'll tell you -

        The simplest way to get control of these devices is to buy a nice tray and have them all together as a set on your coffee table or cocktail ottoman. Make the tray look like it’s supposed to be in the space, so it coordinates with the room by either color or trays

        There are trays that look like crocodile (faux of course), leather, ostrich skin and other imitation animal skins. Some trays are made of wood - distressed, carved, or bamboo. Some are basket weaves and others made of marble, metals and more.

        You can get them in a basic rectangle shape, round, oval, octagons, or other shapes. Just make sure they are big enough to fit the controls, but not so big they are taking over the whole coffee table. You can also add a cute small plant in the tray or a candle with the controls as well if space tray

        One thing to not - I do NOT recommend those cute mirrored trays for this. Some people may roughly throw the controls in the tray and it could crack (wouldn’t want 7 years bad luck).

        So gain control of your controls, declutter and have your family room look aesthetically pleasing. If you’d like to get more tips like this, keep reading my blog and more will come your way!

        Sometimes the easiest little change can make all the difference. One added bonus, you can always double the tray to serve you and your friends some nice cocktails. Voila! Gain control, organize and drink!